Dan Gilbert gives this TED Talk on the science of happiness. http://bit.ly/KjDpUp The science of happiness evokes human emotion in Dan Gilbert.


Tony Robbins explains human motivation in this TED Talk. http://bit.ly/IqqajB Tony Robbins tells us why we do what we do and how to improve human motivation.

Michael Norton gives this TED Talk on how to buy happiness. http://d8p.it/vVo Michael Norton says giving money to others is the way to buy happiness.

Brian Greene gives this Multiverse Theory TED Talk. http://d8p.it/vKN# Brian Greene is a well known author and scientist for the multiverse theory.

This Ancient Disease vid helps us understand Disease Plaque. http://d8p.it/vAI# Ancient Disease in tartar identify disease plaque in humans from any period.

Marcin Jakubowski gives this Open Source Tech talk. http://d8p.it/vh3# Marcin Jakubowski is devoted to open source tech and its opportunities for the future.

Laura Carstensen gives this Golden Years Video about the effects of aging. http://d8p.it/v5A Laura Carstensen argues for old age in this Golden Years Video.

Gary Vaynerchuk records this Entrepreneur Video on an airplane. http://d8p.it/uOx# Gary Vaynerchuk rants and teaches in this brief Entrepreneur Video.

Elizabeth Gilbert gives an Inspirational Creativity TED Talk. http://d8p.it/uAt# Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the history and evolution of Inspirational Creativity.

Susan Cain gives a TED talk on the Power of Introverts. http://d8p.it/usu The Power of Introverts is truly unleashed in this video by Susan Cain.