This post’s sole purpose is to urge you to put your business on Yellow Pages! You can sign up for a free, basic version that will still help your SEO Development. I signed up my business for a free subscription and received a call the next day. A personal representative was assigned to me.

Not only was he there for when I needed him, he also brought me to AT&TYellow Pages Pay Per Call Program. This program is free for businesses to sign up for, there is no paperwork to initiate it, and you only pay if Yellow Pages’ ad for your business brings a call to you.

The cost for different terms varies. Web Design is $29 (ish) per call that Yellow Pages forwards to me personally. These callers are searching for these services on a local level and are ready to spend money. The free subscription also includes your business’s submission into the Yellow Pages phone book for your area.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at

Jacob Hines —

SEO Development and Web Development