“Facebook – that very website you rely on to keep you in touch with friends, family and important messages like these – has been deciding on our behalf which personal messages we are likely to want to see, and which it thinks won’t be of interest to us. The messages we receive notifications for on a daily basis have been…” Continue reading here.

This article shows a behind-the-scenes process that Facebook does for its users. Since spam on Facebook is so prevalent, Facebook filters some of your messages automatically. It is very unlikely that your friends’ personal messages to you are being deleted; however, it is likely that game requests from people you may know are being “dumped” in this hidden folder.

This article is useful for common Facebook users and especially social media managers. It can be essential to a marketing campaign to understand where some of your messages to potential clients could have gone. (Remember, don’t spam! No one will like you. No one will trust you!)

Jacob Hines — HikeMySite.com

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