“Thousands of internet sites are taking part in a “blackout” protest against anti-piracy laws being discussed by US lawmakers.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia and blogging service WordPress are among the highest profile pages to remove material……” Continue reading here.

Large websites are taking a stand against Sopa. Whether you think this is a legitimate way to show lawmakers or think it is childish action, it affects internet users. If you are a webmaster (have your own website) this “Sopa” business can be a very big deal. For example, since HikeMySite.com has a blog, if similar legislation passes, we will be forced to monitor our content very closely. As a business owner/webmaster one must also consider the actions of the “internet-giants” that we all rely on: Google, WordPress, and Wikipedia. If any of these giants take further drastic measure, it could potentially us. Stay tuned for updates related to Sopa-like legislation.


Jacob Hines — HikeMySite.com

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