“Now we know Google’s master-plan for integrating Google+ ever more deeply into the Google ecosystem: Pour the whole thing into Google search. Starting today, Google+ members, and to a lesser extent others who are signed into Google, will be able to search against both the broader web and their own Google+ social graph. That’s right; Google+ circles, photos, posts and more will be integrated into search in ways other social platforms can only dream about.” Read more here.

This article is relevant to Google’s policy changes for 2012 on searches. Including Google Plus information to help provide users with more accurate search results emphasizes the importance of social media management. Including social media information, including demographic information, to searches makes local keywords a more relevant topic. For example, a Chicago restaurant should pursue keyword marketing for “Chicago restaurant.” Users with a Google Plus account will be directed more accurately to local results.


Jacob Hines — HikeMySite.com

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