This seemingly off-topic post is directed towards computer users who pay for security. I am a believer in free antivirus programs and free security scans. I personally use the free version of Avast for my antivirus. I use the Windows 7 Firewall in conjunction and have had nothing but good experiences. To be safe, I do occasional scans with Ad-Aware andMalwarebytes. The use of these programs can save your business hundreds of dollars!

Were you paying for internet security until you read this? Think of some other services that you are paying for and research if you can get them free elsewhere! For example, if you are a small business, try mint.com or Outright for a free accounting software with no download! The services offered by free programs often come with less features but ask yourself do I really need the availability to the same program that a Fortune 500 company probably pays to use too?

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